The Swedish Association of the Square Metre Classes

The square metre yacht is the swedish contribution to the sailing world. It is an elegant and fast yacht that has been built in over 1200 copies since the rule was established in 1908. Many of the yachts are still sailing even though they are more than seventy years old.

Greetings to all friends of the Square Metre Rule from your club chairman

Now is the time to start planning the summer and sign up for the summer's sailing events. In Nynäshamn, Sweden, there is a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the Olympic Regatta 1912. On that occasion there were several of our boats taking part. Let's get together and make this the best event of the century.

Classic Boat Meet 20-24 July

Classic regatta with veteran boat rally in Nynäshamn, open to all classic boats.
Arranger: Föreningen Sveriges Klassiska Fritidsbåtar (The Swedish Classic Yacht Society)


Jubilee Regatta in Nynäshamn 2012
More information and entry form here Classic Boat Meet

22 and 30 sq. m sailors. 27-30 July

The 22's compete for the Skärgårdskryssarepokalen (Square Metre Trophy) and the 30's for the Europa Cup with a considerable international entry in both classes.
Arranger: Nynäshamns Segelsällskap (Nynäshamn Yacht Club)

NB: If you are taking part in the Square Metre Trophy and Europa Cup you will need a valid class certificate.
Check this up right away so you will have time to have the boat measured again if the certificate has expired.


Nynäshamns Segelsällskap (Nynäshamn Yacht Club) Regattas 2012
Boats entered

Greetings from the helm! Hasse Samuelsson

Introduction to the Square Metre Rule
An outline of the Square Metre Rule
Rules for Skerry Cruisers (Square Metre Rule), edition 2013 (PDF 604 KB)
Rule motions 2012 (PDF 95 KB)
Information about Jubilee Year 2008
International Square Metre Skerry Cruiser Class Meeting 2005-01-29, (PDF 117 KB)

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More information in swedish.

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